Fiberglass Repairs

Horizon continues to the top choice in the industry when it comes to fiberglass and structural damage repairs. Our experience and skilled technicians are second to none.

“You can’t con people in this business, the product speaks for itself.”   -Steve Jobs


Structural Damage

Structural Fiberglass repair is our area of expertise. With over 30 years of experience our proven track record continues to be called upon for the most skilled and challenging jobs. When severe structural damage is done to your vessel it disrupts the laminate system of the boat’s construction and compromises the integrity of the hull. Your vessel will require intensive structural repairs that can only be achieved by the most skilled craftsman which are employed here at Horizon Marine Services.

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Blister Repairs

Q: What is the dread of every boat owner?

A: Osmosis

Osmosis is the process of moisture seeping into the fiberglass laminate, either through the gelcoat layer or internally from the bilge areas causing moisture to become trapped. The results are blemishes or blisters that form between the laminate and gelcoat, which affect the appearance and overall performance of your boat.

When blisters are left unchecked they will progressively extend deeper into the laminate and affect the structural integrity of the hull. We can help you catch it before its too late.

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Tank Repair

Boats of any size, both fresh and salt water are susceptible to tank failures. It has been reported that tanks fail in boats anywhere from three to 25 years. Tanks are prone to failure for a numerous reasons and the majority of them are linked to inboard engines.

If a problem occurs, it can be difficult to detect, and repairs will be complex and expensive. Here at Horizon we work with you to minimize your cost and get you back on the water as fast as possible.