Yacht Painting

For nearly four decades Horizon has been at the forefront of painting and is led by world-renowned painter, Harold Lugo. Harold is a true artist of his craft and has been acknowledged in the yachting community as, the best in the business!


Custom Painting

Our custom paint specialists have earned the reputation for delivering the highest quality of standards and are committed to perfection, and attention to detail.

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Metallic Paint Jobs

Metallic paint jobs are gaining popularity in today’s market. Tiny metal flakes give the finished paintwork a beautiful shiny, sparkling look, which leaves on lookers mesmerized.

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Color Matching

Here at Horizon Marine Services we have been perfecting our expert color matching and blending techniques for over 30 years. All of our jobs are spot on.


Gel Coat Repairs

Damages to the gel coat surface during the life of your boat are unavoidable. The eventual wear and tear from sun exposure leads to blistering and discoloration. The challenge of the repair lies in the ability to match the color of the gel coat leaving a flawless repair. We are experts in color matching and believe the key to success in gel coat repair is “attention to detail in every aspect.”


Specialized Bottom Painting

Bottom painting or anti-fouling is a specialized coating applied to a vessel to protect the hull against growth that can affect the performance and durability. Specialized bottom painting can also serve other functions such as acting as a barrier against corrosion or improving the flow of water past the hull of a fishing vessel or racing yacht. Send us an e-mail to inquire about your boat.

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